Are you open during COVID-19

Yes we are!  And that’s why we want to see these Masks on the Front Lines.  Due to COVID-19, we may experience some shipping delays, but feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Question How long will it take to get my order
AnswerThis is our newest line of products.  Any orders placed before June 21 , 2020 MAY take about 2 weeks to arrive.  Orders placed afterwards will take about 3-5 Business Days to Arrive.
Question Can I get a different color?
AnswerUnfortunately the items you see currently on the website are the only I Can’t Breathe Apparel products at this time and are only available in the color options shown.
Question You mentioned $1 from EVERY Mask goes to fight Racial Injustice. How does that work?
AnswerYou’re Absolutely Right!  We are angry, hurt,. confused, and a sea of emotion runs thru us just like everyone else.  We figured this was a great option for our team.

So $1 from each item sold is used in any of the following ways:

  • Financial donations to organizations that have programs dedicated towards fighting racial injustice.
  • Advertising or Branding efforts towards spreading word about the cause.
  • Free giveaways and donations towards communities that have united efforts toward peaceful protests and political awareness.

Question Is $1 per item donated, or $1 per order?
Answer$1 per order would be shiesty.  We donate $1 PER MASK.  So if you order 100 Masks, we donate $100.  Nothing off the top.  No fees.  Just pure donation.
Question Do you ship internationally?
AnswerYes!  There may be a slight increase in the shipping cost, but we surely do!
Question I have a design that I'd like to submit. Can you sell it for me?
AnswerWe sure can.  Simply email us using our Contact Form and let us know.  We’ll review the design and set up a commission based pay so you can get paid for your designs.  We have 2 options:

OPTION 1: WE FULFILL – We’ll handle all of the fulfillment.  It’s $499 to get started and already includes the costs of your 1st 100 Masks or Neck Gaiters.  You receive a 25% Commission for each sale.

OPTION 2: YOU FULFILL – We list your design on our site.  When a customer orders it, we receive a small commission but you process and fulfill the order.  There is a $99 listing fee and we take 15% Commission of each sale.

Question How can we contact you?
AnswerSimply visit our Contact page and all details are there.  Or you can email us at  You can also call us at 833-4iDentity.  Our social media handles are @iCantBreatheFaceMasks on all social platforms.
Question Do you have Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?
AnswerWe surely do! Our social media handles are @iCantBreatheFaceMasks on all social platforms.